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Bundle Services to Save Time and Money

Full Sky Technologies is unique in the technology industry because we have the ability to bundle many aspects of your business into one managed services agreement. We provide the best available I.T. services, X-ray equipment services, digital phone services and more.  By bundling your technology services with us your business will save money and receive unparalleled service.  Our clients save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars PER MONTH when they switch to the managed services with Full Sky Technologies. 

Let us give you a free Business Technology Evaluation.  We will listen to your business’s needs and concerns and perform a full evaluation of your technology equipment and services.  Full Sky Technologies will provide comprehensive recommendations for improving your business, increasing efficiencies, and saving you money, in the short and long term. 

Does The Sticker Shock of a Digital X-Ray Machine keep you from making the switch? With Full Sky we will RENT you a Digital X-Ray Unit, taking the burden of Maintenance, Investing Capital, ect..... all while increasing YOUR revenue stream.  


  • Star 2 Star Award Winning Digital Phone Systems
  • Unlimited support for all Workstations; desktops and laptops
  • Unlimited Server Support
  • Remote System Restarts, Server Maintenance, Workstation Repairs, Etc.
  • Server Monitoring – With ever increasing technology demands, your servers may display months of warning signs before crashing.  Our monitoring service updates us daily, via email and live dashboard, with the health status of your servers. With this powerful tool we often repair failing servers before you ever realize there was a problem.
  • Workstation Monitoring – Using the same tools as our Server Monitoring we can monitor all of your workstations; desktops and laptops.
  • Patch Management for servers and workstations.  Keeping your software and security products up to date on all the latest updates and patches.
  • Onsite installations of new replacement PCs and free recycling with trade in of old machines.
  • Server maintenance – proactive server maintenance and best practices tuning for maximum performance and health management.
  • Backup Monitoring – verify your backups are complete and accurate, every time.
  • Vendor Management - Direct interaction with IT vendors on your behalf to solve the issues for you.
  • Advanced Reporting Module - Provides technical and management information.
  • Server Monitoring Included – We will remotely monitor server health 24/7.  A $100.00 per month value!
  • No trip charges for onsite labor.
  • Firewall Protection – We use industry leading firewalls to protect your business from online intruders. Our firewalls allow us to actively monitor network traffic, incoming and outgoing, and alerts us of any malicious activity.
  • Anti-Virus – Our anti-virus products allows us to monitor all virus activity on your workstations and server from our live dashboard. We are notified immediately if a server or workstation is infected or simply is not updating properly.
  • Content Filter – Our content filter allows us to block websites that people should not be accessing.  This also includes malicious phishing sites.
  • Hybrid Backup Solutions – We will install an onsite backup device to backup local workstations and servers. This device will then encrypt the data and backup the encrypted data to the cloud.  This provides the benefits of both backup systems: fast data access from the onsite system; the ultimate security of offsite encrypted cloud storage. 
  • HIPAA Consultation and Management
  • Weekly HIPAA Protection Reports
  • EMR/EHR Management
  • Digital X-Ray Consultation
  • Digital X-Ray Management
  • Award Winning Phone Systems
  • Digital X-Ray Support Platforms
  • Digital X-ray Integrations
  • X-Ray Maintenance\Repair
  • X-Ray Calibrations
  • Film Duplication (To Digital or to Film)